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Calibration Services for Food Industry Instruments & Equipment

Celtic Instrumentation Ltd provides an on-site calibration and certification service for many diverse food manufacturing factories and distribution outlets.
We routinely provide traceable certification on thermometers, fridges/freezers, digital and analogue instrumentation and environmental instrumentation.

ETI Distributor

We are able to provide specialist measuring devices such as high precision thermometers, temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTDs and cables. We can also source and supply a vast range of instrumentation at competitive rates that are used in many food production areas. We are official ETI Ltd (Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd) distributors.

All certification and traceability documentation is undertaken in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. All of our site calibration equipment carries traceable documentation from selected high specification laboratories. All of our liquid analysis fluids and standards conform to internationally recognised documentation of conformance.

  • Catering and food preparation areas
  • Bakeries
  • Meat processing
  • Water bottling & beverage manufacturing
  • Cold stores and refrigeration
  • Ice cream and dairy product producers
  • Sandwich and hot snacks manufacturing

Temperature Calibration

  • Wireless monitoring systems
  • Fridge / freezer and cold rooms
  • Data logging and mapping
  • Analogue and digital indicators
  • Chart recorders and controllers
  • Digital and infrared thermometers
  • Heat source and incubators

Pressure Calibration

Humidity (Hygrometer) Calibration

PH and Conductivity Calibrations